Borneo Tattoos

The practice of tattooing in Borneo rich tradition going back centuries and still seems to be alive and well. Borneo island area is the third largest in the world is hostile to some company descriptions While Westerners tattoo was rare before the early twentieth century. Many accounts of headhunting among indigenous people who stand out most people go too far, but fortunately, since colonization by the Dutch, these practices are prohibited?

Kaya Tribe is the source of most of the tattoo design, which has spread to other tribes such as IBAN and Sami. Anime Kaya (which means within or person) in tat owes its popularity to sign wood-block technique. Members of the tribe will cut patterns in blocks of wood and then transferred to the skin. Tattoo tribes of reasons such as IBAN and Kaya of borrowing and adapting to meet their burden themselves.

For tat in Borneo distributed among all the different tribes as Tribal members returned with a different tattoo designs as evidence for their business much the same way as passport stamped to go to different places. Traditional roses still be popular with the older generation to younger generation in more modern designs such as dragons and pin tattoo inspired Asian women.

of all the tribes of Borneo tribe IBAN serious are tattooed with designs copied from Kaya and Bakatan Sami tribes. Most common tattoo design motive was appointed Katak neck. Tat Inkut hand was common name. They believe that to prevent the soul from the body to save.

Dogs, Scorpions, and roses in particular are most often sought by members of the tribe gathered during travel and see other members of the tribe. Rosette is symbolic of the dogs eye is considered by some tribes, dog, although worship of sacred animals. Other tribes belived rosette is a picture of flowers.

Tattoos in Borneo has decorative touches, even in the last received in detail the status of a member of the tribe. Tattoos may still as points in between index finger and thumb indicates that a person has someone else, and members of the Murut tribe tat killings as a reward for gaining their dangerous missions that are still common. Today this kind of tat are seen more frequently in those who have adopted a new method for Tribal tattoos.

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