Barbie Tattoos, Tainted, and Turning

tooWhen it comes to female celebrity icons, America's first love, and longtime fashion trendsetter is Barbie. Barbie has been the perfectly polished, responsible, smart, girl-next-door role model for tween girls for over 49 years.

But gravity seems to effect the best of us, including Barbie. As Barbie approaches her 50th Birthday, she is discovering she isn't nearly as cool and hip as she once was. With her spirit at an all-time low, Barbie is desperately trying to reinvent herself; and that she has done. The once all-American lovely prom queen turned astronaut stands before America today as a slutty, celebrity tattoo inked up disgrace.

These days Barbie is wearing fishnet stockings, a motorcycle jacket, tattoos, and tall boots and she is calling herself Black Canary Barbie. And you better believe this new hard edgy look our bewildered, age old, ageless friend Barbie is sporting is definitely not goiatng to help remove the derogatory stereotype attached to women with tattoos.
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