Tattoo Ideas for Men a Excelent

Tattoo is a means by which people wish to project what they want others to perceive them as. Their ideas and opinions are evident through their body art. Although there are no restrictions, based on gender or otherwise, as to what kind of tattoo an individual may sport, there are some socio cultural factors and personal tastes that show that certain tattoos are the males' alone. It is a known fact that as compared to women, majority of men get tattoos done. Even among the ancient Polynesian tattoo masters who had the final word in what kind of design was appropriate and when and where to mark them were seen to be mostly male.

Human skull design:

Human skull tattoo designHuman skull tattoo design

Very few other designs can be bolder than a skull tattooed to the body. The idea to get a 'skull' is only a start, as there are innumerable types of skull patterns from which one will have to choose. Addition to that, the visual depiction and detailing around it may also vary. For example, a Naga who has lived all his life seeing the typical motifs of his tribe might commission a tattoo of a skull of the native bull with crossed arrows adorning the background. A man who has been fascinated with the tantric ways might wish to show off human skull tattoos on his body. Thus, the choice of the 'kind' of skull may differ from person to person based on their preference of type and other external factors.

Dragon designs:

Dragon tattoo designsDragon tattoo designs

Large dragon depictions look best as tattoos especially on the chest area, biceps and upper back. The most attractive of them all are the fire breathing fierce dragons with special detailing given to the spikes of their massive tails and their lethally sharp and large teeth. Such dragon tattoos suit those men who are particularly more masculine than others. Less fierce dragon tattoo types may be considered as an option for those who have been fascinated by dragon myths and those into fantasy writings. It is also a common body art among the East Asians, for whom the dragon has been part of ancient folklore.

'Heart' for Moms:

Heart tattoo for menHeart tattoo for men

To flaunt your love for your mom, request your tattoo artist to give you a Sailor-Jerry style tattoo with a headline over it reading ''Mom'', thus showing your respect to your creator. Avoid the cheesy eyesore kind, but it's tough to say whether she'll like it or not. It is a classical style pioneered by the American tattoo artists.
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